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DO/ENDDO break statement


DO/ENDDO break statement

Assigned to bob.stone
Wednesday, May 13
1 year 20 weeks ago

Among the high level parts DO...ENDDO, is often used. It is also often needed to break out from the loop using a conditional IF statement together with JUMPTO. Though JUMPTO statements can be used and sometimes is the best solution, a BREAK statement is missed in DMIS. "Break" command is found in many programming languages and in a way carries out the same functionality as JUMPTO, but does it in slightly different way that in the end makes a lot of difference. For example Sandvik milling cutting tools have repeated operations in each insert seat. When the "DMIS-code" is copied, or rather reproduced for all insert seats, breaking out of DO...ENDDO causes ambiguities, since the JUMPTO target label is also copied and thus the same target label will exist at many locations in the program. Then it becomes ambiguous to which target label should the CMM actually jump.

QIF Groups: 
QIF Execution
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Assigned: Unassigned » bob.stone

From Sandvik


Status: Open » In-Work

Assigned to DMIS/QIFExecution for implementation


Status: In-Work » Vote Pending

Implemented in 5.3 draft document with wording changes,


Status: Vote Pending » Implemented

Implemented in 5.3 at UTARI Meeting.

Ray Admire

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