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Variable name length


Variable name length

Assigned to bob.stone
Tuesday, May 19
1 year 20 weeks ago

(from Sandvik) Label names are currently restricted to 64 characters and we are not aware of any case when that has not been more than sufficient. However, variable names are restricted to a maximum of 16 characters, which is almost never sufficient for descriptive variable names. Especially when doing loops and replacing label names with variables, we constantly get conflicts when the maximum length of the variable name cuts the maximum allowed length to a quarter of the label name. By other words, the maximum variable name length needs to be harmonized with the maximum label name and thus variable names could also be up to 64 characters in length. Please find the attached file "decl.pdf".

QIF Groups: 
QIF Execution
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Status: New » In-Work

DMIS/QIF-execution group will address


Status: In-Work » Vote Pending

Implemented in draft 5.3 document in DECL statement and in Variables


Status: Vote Pending » Implemented

Implemented in 5.3 at UTARI Meeting.

Ray Admire

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