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GEOALG/PLANE Statement Needs to Support an Outer Tangential Plane Algorithm


GEOALG/PLANE Statement Needs to Support an Outer Tangential Plane Algorithm

Assigned to bob.stone
Wednesday, Apr 12
41 weeks 2 days ago

It has of course since long been possible to set different geometric algorithms in DMIS. Besides the most common least square algorithm, algorithms such as maximum inscribed and minimum circumscribed that can for example be used for circles. Though it in some cases is very important, it is currently not possible to invoke an outer tangential plane fitting in the GEOALG/PLANE-statement.

One solution to this could be adding a minor word OUTTAN as a valid option for GEOALG/PLANE, which would trigger the mentioned algorithm. Another solution could be to use the already found minor word MINCIR that triggers a minimum circumscribed circle in a GEOALG/CIRCLE statement. In case of a plane, MINCIR could have the meaning of an outer tangential plane as proposed in the attached file.

The meaning of an outer tangential plane is a plane supported by the three most extreme points but, needless to mention, after possible filtering has been applied. There should not be any ambiguities regarding what is the in- and outside respectively, since the normal direction in the preceding FEAT/PLANE statement must be considered pointing away from material the side of the part.

Please consider adding outer tangential plane algorithm for planes in the most suitable way.

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Status: New » Open
Assigned: Unassigned » bob.stone

Bob, looks like something for you to look at.

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