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Fitting algorithm assignment


Fitting algorithm assignment

Assigned to dcampbell
Thursday, Nov 12
48 weeks 4 days ago

Two modifications to fitting algorithm assignment are needed:

1. Ability to assign FitAlg to Characteristic

Currently, fitalgs are assigned to features. This does not allow for the following scenario:

Plane feature with 2 tolerances:

  • Flatness Tolerance, fit with Min Zone

  • Parallelism Tolerance, fit with a One-Sided Plane fit

In order to do this, we would need to be able to assign a fitting algorithm to a Characteristic as well as a Feature.

If we were to do this, we would need to also dictate some precedence: if a Feature has FitAlg A assigned to it, and it is controlled with by a Characteristic with FitAlg B assigned to it, which FitAlg takes priority? (It seems to me that the Characteristic's FitAlg should take precedence, but this would need to be very clearly stated in the standard.)

2. Move FitAlg to XxxxNominals

Fitting Algorithms are currently assigned to FeatureItems. These should probably be moved to the FeatureNominal. (And CharacteristicNominal, after implementing (1) above).

The reason for this is: with the upcoming ISO GPS standard, Fitting Algorithms will be specified as part of a drawing. This is the type of information that should be available at design time in the model.

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Is this planned for 3.0 Implementation? Thanks Ray

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