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Link between a 2D feature and its "parent" feature?


Link between a 2D feature and its "parent" feature?

Assigned to dcampbell
Thursday, Nov 12
43 weeks 3 days ago

There does not seem to be any way to determine a link between a 2D feature and its "parent" 3D feature.

For example, a Circle feature may exist on a Cylinder feature. In a QIF instance file, there may be a corresponding CircleFeatureItem and CylinderFeatureItem. There is currently no way to indicate the link between these 2 features.

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QIF Library


This is implemented. Can be accomplished by the use of ParentFeatureItemId on FeatureItemBaseType


Assigned: Unassigned » dcampbell
Priority: Unassigned » High

Daniel, am I to understand that this is already implemented? If so was it 2.1?


Was implemented in QIF 2.0 per Bob Stone

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