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Measurement resource assignment for sampling points


Measurement resource assignment for sampling points

Assigned to EdMorse
Thursday, Nov 12
48 weeks 4 days ago

Some enhancements need to be made for assigning measurement resources to sampling points.

We may want to consider creating some type of “binding” object in the measurement resources schema that acts as the joint between a measurement point and a measurement resource. The attached diagram loosely describes what I think would work.

Basically, there would be a class “ResourceAssign” (or something like that) which could be pointed to by Measurement Points. This single class could be the entire interface between Results/Plans and Resources. ResourceAssign would then be derived from by any given specific type within QIF Resources. So for example, we could have ProbeTipAssign for multi-tip probes. Also, ABAngleAssign for A & B angles on articulating heads. Also, RotaryTableAngle assign for RT angles. Etc.

This would allow for a generic view of the Resources item from the view of IntermediatesPMI.xsd, but would also allow for specific implementation within QIF Resources. (The base class “ResourceAssign” should probably reside in IntermediatesPMI.xsd or another low level library).

It might also be a good idea to allow for a Measurement Point to point to an “Assign”, but also for a FeatureActual or FeatureItem. This way, we could say something like “measure all points on this feature with the given A & B angle”, rather than having this data for each point.

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Need to address with WGs, looks like it should be considered for 3.0 if it can/will be implemented.

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